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Product Description

Product Description

1.  Cylindrical Roller Bearing NJ 212 ECM Size 60x110x22MM .

Cylindrical roller bearings are of high load capacity and can operate at high speeds because they use rollers as their rolling elements. They can therefore be used in applications involving heavy radial and impact loading.
The rollers are cylindrical in shape and crowned at the end in order to reduce the stress concentrations. They are also suitable for applications that require high speed because the rollers are guided by ribs which are either on the outer or inner ring. 

There are different types designated as N, NU, NJ, NUP, NF (for single-row bearings like the following drawing); NNU, and NN (for double-row bearings depending on the design or absence of side ribs). 

2. Introduction of China brand bearings NJ 212 ECM cylindrical roller bearing . 

Cylindrical roller bearings, also known as rolling mill bearings, belong to separable bearings. It is easy for people to install and dismantle. They can be classified into single row, double row and four rows cylindrical roller bearings. 

The single row cylindrical roller bearings are the most widely used ones. And the single row cylindrical roller bearings can be divided into N series, NU series, NF series, NUP series and so on. Cylindrical roller bearings carry a very heavy radial load. 

1) Cylindrical roller bearings are widely used in automobile, electrical. (Home appliances, electric tools, fitness equipment,
motors, medical devices, motorbikes, textile machines)

2) equipment, instrument, building machinery, rolling stock agricultural machinery and various specialized machineries.

3. We also can offer following  bearings , please check  .

dDTPart No.
205221NJ 2304 ECP
205221NU 2304 ECP
205221NUP 2304 ECP
254712NU 1005
255215N 205 ECP
255215NJ 205 ECJ
255215NJ 205 ECP
255215NJ 205 ECPH
255215NU 205 ECP
255215NUP 205 ECP
255215NU 205 ECPHA
255215NJ 205 ECML
255215NU 205 ECML
255215NUP 205 ECML
255218NJ 2205 ECP
255218NU 2205 ECP
255218NUP 2205 ECP
255218NU 2205 ECML
256217N 305 ECP
256217NJ 305 ECJ
256217NJ 305 ECP
256217NU 305 ECJ
256217NU 305 ECP
256217NUP 305 ECJ
256217NUP 305 ECP
256217NJ 305 ECML
256217NU 305 ECML
256217NUP 305 ECML
256224NJ 2305 ECP
256224NU 2305 ECJ
256224NU 2305 ECP
256224NUP 2305 ECP
256224NJ 2305 ECML
256224NU 2305 ECML
256224NUP 2305 ECML

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