M series Conveyor Chain

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M series Conveyor Chain

1. Description:

M series conveyor chain are specicial conveyor chain. This series is comparable to FV and in some sizes identical. The range is not as extensive in terms of higher strengths, but again is available in bush, standard and large roller together with flanged roller.

2. Material: 40MN carbon steel,304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel

3.Roller types:

Without rollers type

With small rollers type

With large rollers type

With flange rollers type

M series Conveyor Chain

4. Packing mode: carton box,wooden case


Timber conveyor machines

Construction conveyor machines

Steel-making industry

Enviromental technology

6. Specification:

M series Conveyor Chain

7. Our company advantages:

Our chain pins usually made of heat-treated carbon steel

Bushes can be made of seamless steel tube

OEM service can be provided

Will supply material report or test report together with goods



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