Dacroment-Plated Chain

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Dacroment-Plated Chain

1. Description:

Dacromet is a special coating chain which supplys very good corrosive resistant. The resistance is more greater than what a zinc plated or nickel plated roller chain can offer. Before the chain is assembled, each individual chain component is thoroughly coated to ensure all chain chain joints protected when the chain is finally assembled. This will maximize the chains corrosive resistance compare to a chain that is coated after assembly. The Dacromet chain is actually carbon steel ANSI chain and offer the same strength benefits.

2. Application: construction equipments,salt spreaders, manure spreaders and so on

3. Packing: 10 feet per piece or as customer

4. Feature:

(1) Corrosive resistant

(2) Good quality

(3) Competitive price

5. Specification:

Dacroment-Plated Chain



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