Flat-top Conveyor Chain

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Flat-top Conveyor Chain

1. Description:

Flat-top conveyor chain uses a comb-shaped plate to minimize the gap between links. This is good for conveying unstable containers. Prevents conveyed items from catching, making it ideal for conveying PET bottles and unstable containers.

2. Materials: stainless steel or POM Plastic

3. Pin typesL

TTPH: Stainless steel pin type

TTPH-P: Plastic pin type

4. Features

Slightly chamfered on both plate edges for smooth lateral transfer of easily caught containers. Surface of top plate is flatter and smoother. Effective in preventing container wobbling and toppling during conveyance. Has the same basic dimensions as the TTP826, so it can provide stable container conveyance just by replacing the chain.

5. Specification:

Flat-top Conveyor Chain



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