Sharp Top Chain

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Sharp Top Chain

1. Description:

Sharp top roller chain exceed ANSI & BS standard,precision sharpness give the required grip for the least penetration.

2. Material: 40MN carbon steel / 304 stainless steel / 316 stainless steel

3. Feature:

Solid bushings make more smoother,more cylinrical inside surface for greater wear life

Solid center-plate design curtails breakage from sawdust and chip compaction

Precision sharpness tooth give enough space for the least penetration

Pressed steel plates

4. Packing: plastic bag-carton box-wooden case

5. Specification:

Sharp Top Chain

6. Our company advantages:

Our chain pins usually made of heat-treated carbon steel

Bushes can be made of seamless steel tube

OEM service can be provided

Will supply material report or test report together with goods


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