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Why Should I Replace Both Chain and Sprocket?

Sep. 08, 2021

Roller chains are commonly found in mechanical power applications or transmissions. They can be found in a variety of environments, such as the agricultural and automotive industries, including motorbikes and bicycles. They are also prevalent in conveyor belts and other industrial assembly environments. Stainless steel roller chains are also found in some of these environments, although their use is more specific to certain areas, particularly in the food industry. 


Advantages of stainless steel roller chains

Food applications: Stainless steel roller chains are a popular choice for the food industry, being able to withstand extreme conditions and being easy to clean. In environments that include food handling, processing or packaging, where chains need to be cleaned regularly, stainless steel roller chains are the best choice. 

High temperature resistance: Stainless steel roller chains can withstand heat up to 400ºC and also extreme cold down to -20ºC. This makes them a very popular choice in environments where other metals or mechanical components are not suitable.

Corrosion resistance: high resistance to alkaline and acidic environments, which are common in certain industries, is another reason why this roller chain is preferred. In addition, it has a very low magnetic permeability.
Heat treated and pre-stressed for better wear resistance: Heat treated for better temperature resistance and stress tested to reduce the possibility of premature breakage or stretching problems. 

Motorcycle Sprocket

Motorcycle Sprocket 

Why do my chains and sprockets need replacing?

As the motorcycle chain wraps around the motorcycle sprocket from until it bends and then bends again, the chain pins rotate slightly inside the bushings. This tension wears away some of the metal of the pins and bushings, causing the chain to effectively stretch.


Checking the wear of the sprockets

The chain passes over the motorcycle sprocket several thousand times a minute, slowly wearing down its teeth. If the teeth on the sprocket have become pointed or "hooked" at the top rather than blunt, they need to be replaced.


Checking the chain for wear

You can tell if your chain is worn by pushing up on the middle chain with one hand while pulling on the rear sprocket. If you can pull the chain out of the sprocket by about 1/4 inch or more, the chain is worn. Alternatively, you can see how your chain compares to its length when it was new by measuring it. 


If it has increased in length by 2.5% or more, it needs to be replaced. If the chain is too loose or the links are too tight, the teeth of the motorcycle sprocket may come off and cause the chain to break, which can be very dangerous. Take care not to over-tighten the motorcycle chain as this can lead to damage to the bearings on the output shaft. It is highly recommended to check the wear of the sprocket and chain regularly.
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Why should I replace both chain and sprocket?

It is strongly recommended that you replace both the sprocket and chain at the same time. A new chain and sprocket work well together because their pitch (the distance between each pin on the chain and the centre of each tooth on the sprocket) is matched. As they wear, they will wear together.

The pitch of the new chain will not match the pitch of the worn sprocket, causing the new chain to work less efficiently and wear faster as it adapts to the pitch of the worn sprocket. Replacing the chain and sprocket as a unit can greatly extend the life of both products.


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